The Effects of Weed on Cancer Patients!

The benefits of weed have been well documented, even if they haven’t been thoroughly and rigorously studied. Among these stories, the most intriguing would have to be the ones that speak of the benefits of weed for cancer patients.

From the neuropathic pain of cancer itself to the many side effects of chemotherapy, which can be in themselves another significant source of pain, cancer is one of the most common and serious afflictions that humans have yet to find a cure for.

Although cannabis has not been proved to be able to cure cancer, it can nevertheless ease many symptoms that, until this point, have just been accepted as unavoidable and untreatable.

So, why and how does weed affect cancer patients or post-cancer patients? Does weed have any affect cancer patients? Let’s look at what we do know from the research so far.

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Getting to Know Marijuana Budder: The Basics

Different methods of CBD and THC extractions from the marijuana plant might carry various pros and cons. Despite this, don’t worry—all of them have the end goal of making you high. With this said, budder kush is a kind of concentrate that’s somewhere between cannabis shatter and oil when it comes to consistency. It’s similar to other forms of concentrate—but what makes budder different?

What is Budder?

Budder is a kind of cannabis wax. It’s in the same category as honeycomb, crumble, and a few others. Not as brittle and light as a honeycomb, but not so powdery that it breaks apart like crumble, budder sits somewhere in between. It has a slightly waxy texture, so you’ll need a dabber because it’s hard to break it by hand.


How to Use Budder

Budder can be used in various ways, usually by taking dabs with a dabber. What makes concentrates, specifically budder, appealing for many people over other forms of marijuana is that budder is very versatile. Below are some of the most common ways Death Bubba Cannabis Strain is enjoyed by marijuana users, both for medicinal and recreational use.

  • Joint: Possibly the most straightforward approach, this is done by breaking apart the budder and then sprinkling it along the length of the joint. To get the best smoking experience, make sure that it’s evenly spread and that it sits in the center once rolled. Being a concentrate, Death Bubba Strain burns slowly than buds.
  • Bubbler or bong: Most weed users add buds to their bong or bubbler before lighting it and inhaling the smoke. Using a concentrate on a bong is also the same process. Take note, though, that concentrates have a higher melting point compared to buds, and failing to properly heat them can lead to a bad hit and poor flavour.
  • Vapourizer: Convenient and easy to use, vapourizers, or vapes, are quickly becoming one of the most common ways to use cannabis concentrates. This is usually seen as a healthier option since all the desired effects of the concentrate are absorbed, which means you aren’t missing out on anything.
  • Dabbing: Basically, dabbing is vaporizing the budder on a heated surface called a nail. The vapours are then inhaled through a dab rig. Because concentrates require high temperatures, dab rigs are mostly made to a higher standard compared to conventional bongs—which means they cost more.

Benefits of Budder

Because budder is a kind of concentrate, one of the biggest benefits is the strength of its high. This is due to its unique extraction method. High-quality buds with high-quality equipment can yield up to 80 percent THC, outshining regularly grown strains that have a THC content of only about 10 to 26 percent. With a higher concentration, users will need less of the product to feel the effects.

Another benefit that is mostly overlooked is terpenes. A cannabis compound that’s retained during extraction, terpene are the main compounds that give cannabis its aroma. It also helps define the kind of high you get from a particular strain. Some users prefer to vape concentrates more desirable because of the stronger aroma.

Concentrates are more potent compared to smoking conventional joints. This means that with high concentrations of THC in most cannabis concentrates, careful consideration and moderation is needed, especially when you’re buying something like Death Bubba online. When using budder (for newbies in particular), take it slow and easy until you get a hang of it. Of course, don’t forget to enjoy as well!


What You Should Know About Cannabis Concentrate

Cannabis concentrates are concentrated CBD and THC extracted from cannabis flowers. Concentrates contain a high amount of cannabinoids found in dried flowers. Their potency can go as high as 90 percent, which is why some users can have unpleasant experiences when they first try it. But if consumed properly and in moderation, cannabis concentrates can be effectively used by both recreational and medicinal users.

Patients who are looking for a quick potent dose of marijuana to ease their symptoms might find vaporizing or dabbing concentrates an efficient way to give them relief. Clean and pure concentrates are also considered to be a healthier choice when compared to smoking because they remove resin-producing plant material.

What are its forms? Let us take a look at some of the concentrates’ common forms and which one is best for you.

  1. Shatter     (Sheets, Glass, Slabs) – Smooth, solid, and clear,     shatter is considered one of the purest and most potent forms. It goes through the second round of extraction where fats, waxes, and lipids are removed, leaving around 80 percent THC. However, this extra extraction means that a lot of terpenes are removed in the process.
  2. Wax     (Honeycomb, Budder, Crumble) – Cannabis wax loses its transparency because of extraction. It can take on various consistencies based on moisture, heat, and oil texture before it’s purged. Oils that are     runnier have more moisture, forming a gooey wax called “budder.” The     harder ones, on the other hand, has a brittle texture called “honeycomb”     or “crumble.” Wax usually retain more terpenes with a high THC percentage and are more flavorful.
  3. Oil     (Hash Oil, Supercritical CO2 Oil, Butane Hash Oil, RSO, BHO) –     Sticky and gooey, cannabis oil can be a bit hard to handle. Because of this, oils are usually offered in plastic syringes to facilitate ease of use. This form retains a full flavor, although its THC levels are less consistent.
  4. Rosin     (Resin, Live Rosin) – The clarity and consistency of rosin range from creamy budder to clear shatter. Instead of solvents, its extraction uses high pressure and low heat to get the concentrates from hash or flower. You can try making your own rosin with flower, a hair straightener, and parchment paper.
  5. Kief     (Pollen, Dry Sift) – Kief is small sticky crystals covering marijuana flowers. Because of the terpenes and cannabinoids concentration in resin glands, separating kief from the plant matter is a     good way to consume marijuana as this decreases the amount of charred material that gets inside the body.
  6. Hash     (Bubble Hash, Ice Water Hash, Hashish) – Hash is kief that has been adequately pressurized and heated so that it forms a soft, green ball. When heat and pressure are applied, the kief’s resin glands rupture,     changing its composition and producing various consistencies.

Cannabis concentrates can be consumed in many ways, each one with a different difficulty level and requiring different equipment. They’re commonly consumed using the dab or vape pens, or with dab rigs. There are also patients who coat their bowls or joints with it to get an added dose of relief from their symptoms. Since cannabis concentrates are usually sticky, it’s recommended that they’re stored in non-stick silicone containers or parchment paper.

About BudExpressNow:

BudExpressNow is an online mail-order marketplace for marijuana products. Operating from Vancouver, British Columbia, they distribute high-quality medical marijuana products to Canadians nationwide. They pride themselves on the quality of their products and friendly customer service.

What are the Essential Elements To Keep In Mind When Ordering from Online Dispensaries?

These days, people can buy literally everything online, and cannabis is not an exception. A quick Google search can bring up thousands of sites of online dispensaries that offer a wide range of marijuana strains. While it’s completely possible to purchase marijuana online, it can be quite confusing at times, especially if you’re new to this thing. How do you know if you’re buying from a legit site that sells good, quality product?



We’re here to make the whole experience of buying weed online as safe and easy as possible. This short guide will help you do just that. Whether you’re buying it online or in person, there should be no reason for you to get ripped off if you’re looking to get high-quality marijuana. If you’re buying online, keep in mind these three important tips to make your online dispensary purchasing experience an easy and stress-free one.

  • Buy marijuana only from a reputable source. Only purchase your cannabis from online dispensaries that have a proven reputation for selling legal medical marijuana from a legit business website. Do some research on your chosen websites and see if its providers have been reported in the past for scams. Weed might be legal for medicinal purposes, but there’s a thriving black market that’s teeming with shady characters.
  • Ensure that you get the exact product you need. Never purchase marijuana online if you’re not exactly sure what you’re buying. If you’re buying weed from an online dispensary, it’s important to ensure that you are getting what you paid for, especially if you took the time to try out and get to know the right strain that works best for the particular medical condition that you have.
  • See if the marijuana product has been tested. The internet is filled with false claims; anyone can create a website and claim that they have the best marijuana strains available. Before buying marijuana online, check if what you plan to buy has been tested to meet the set standards of medical marijuana. Reputable websites shouldn’t give you any problems, but there have been reports where buyers did not receive the same standard of weed that they thought they would get.

Just like buying most things, buying weed online should be a stress- and trouble-free experience that gives you the best possible medicine in the most convenient way there is. After all, this is exactly the reason why online dispensaries are around: there’s nothing easier than quickly browsing through different weed strains and finding the product that you’re looking for, clicking the “Order” button, and simply waiting for it to arrive on your doorstep.


Of course, the waiting part can be very hard, but it’ll be worth it once your green stash safely arrives. If you know the right way to buy cannabis online, you can open yourself up to a wider world of medicine and the chance to experience medical marijuana in its finest form. Contact an online dispensary in your area now and start browsing their weed selection. Pro-tip: they should also be able to give you advice on the best kind of purchase for your particular medical ailment.


Source: BudExpressNow:

BudExpressNow is an online mail-order marketplace for marijuana products. Operating from Vancouver, British Columbia, they distribute high-quality medical marijuana products to Canadians nationwide. They pride themselves on the quality of their products and friendly customer service.

Is Mail Order Marijuana Becoming a Popular Way of Buying Weed Online?

When it comes to buying cannabis online, the first thing that usually comes to mind is mail order marijuana. Even when weed is slowly being legalized and decriminalized in a growing number of jurisdictions for recreational or medicinal use, many people still find it hard to get their hands on it. This might be because their current medical condition prevents them from moving, or perhaps they’re embarrassed about being seen visiting a marijuana dispensary.

The good news is that people can now benefit from the ease and convenience of mail order marijuana. Now that medical marijuana is fast becoming legal in Canada, patients can now easily look online to get their marijuana fix delivered right at their front door. Here are five reasons why mail order marijuana is becoming a popular way of purchasing weed online.

  1. You can order weed without leaving your house. Whether you have a medical condition that prevents you from leaving your house or you live far away from a weed dispensary, you can now get your marijuana fix from mail order marijuana. Just go to their website and place your order right from the comfort of your house. Kick back, relax, and the package will be at your door.
  2. No one knows you’re buying marijuana. No matter the efforts to lift the stereotypes associated with marijuana, some people still raise their eyebrows when they find out that you use medical marijuana. (The good thing is this is changing.) One great benefit of mail order marijuana is that you can discreetly buy cannabis. Also, the package is usually well-wrapped so that no one can see or smell what it contains.
  3. You can choose from a wide range of products. In brick-and-mortar dispensaries and clinics, you only have access to limited strains. Online dispensaries, on the other hand, mostly have an extensive selection. Because they don’t have employee or establishment expenses, they can invest in offering a larger variety of strains to their customers. You can even get good discounts that you can’t find in store.
  4. This is a great choice for very ill patients. Critically ill patients are not in the best shape to physically leave their homes and travel to weed dispensaries to purchase marijuana. These people can benefit greatly from mail order marijuana because they can easily order online. At the same time, their caregivers can order on their behalf. To make this even easier, there are websites where you can save products so that you can quickly order the same variant once your current stash is used up.
  5. Mentally ill patients can get medication. People suffering from depression and anxiety might find it a challenge to go to a dispensary and interact with the salesperson to buy medicinal cannabis. As a society, we still struggle with how we talk about and empathize with people who struggle with mental health issues. Patients like these can take advantage of mail order marijuana to get their medication on time.


If you plan on getting your cannabis fix via mail order marijuana, it’s essential to make sure that you only purchase from authorized dealers and reliable sources. If you see an unbelievable deal advertised on social media, you might want to think twice about taking advantage of it. You might be better off avoiding deals that are too good to be true and buying from trusted sources instead.

Source: BudExpressNow:

BudExpressNow is an online mail-order marketplace for marijuana products. Operating from Vancouver, British Columbia, they distribute high-quality medical marijuana products to Canadians nationwide. They pride themselves on the quality of their products and friendly customer service.


The Healthiest Ways to Get High


Black market, grey market, legal—there is an ongoing explosion of new cannabis products being launched almost every day. How can you know that the products that you’re consuming and smoking are safe and giving you the right high?

First off, cannabis consumption can happen in many forms.

Dabs, shatter, edibles, vaping… your options are endless. You can choose a way of consuming marijuana that hits you fast, that lasts for a long time, that is easier on your lungs, that is more (or less) discreet, and so on.

So, which are the healthiest ways to get high?

The Healthiest Ways to Get High (aka. Skip the Joint)


If you’re looking for a way to get the medical benefits of marijuana without the smoke, edibles are a popular and fun alternative. Just remember that it takes a while (anywhere from half an hour to over an hour) for the effects to kick in, so if you don’t feel it right away, don’t have another brownie just yet—you’re going to regret it when it hits you all at once.

Edibles are also relatively long-lasting (six to eight hours or more), and some medical benefits of edibles include helping you go to sleep and reducing inflammation or chronic pain. Because its effects are so long-lasting—and unpredictable—you’ll definitely want to make sure that you know how much weed is in your edible. Not only because cannabis interacts chemically with different foods in different ways, but also because it interacts with every person differently.


If you don’t look closely enough, you might mistake someone who’s vaping for a smoker. They look pretty similar: inhale through the mouth, exhale through the mouth with a bit of smoke. Like with smoking, the effects from vaping hit you pretty quickly (within a few minutes) and can last anywhere from one to three hours.

However, there’s one big difference. Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a professor of psychology at the University at Albany-SUNY, has done research that shows that “people who vape see fewer respiratory irritations than those who smoke.”

Also, because you’re not smoking, there’s technically no secondhand smoke—but the people around you will still smell the vapour, so you’ll probably want to be mindful of who you’re vaping around.

Whether you go with a portable vaporizer (the newer ones are looking pretty slick—some could pass for Apple devices) or a bigger tabletop model, you’ll still be heating your cannabis in a chamber where you’ll place your ground herb, oils, or hash.

Some models let you adjust the heat settings (different temperatures will give you different highs), but the whole idea of vaping is to apply enough heat to activate the cannabinoids, but not burn it. Once your weed reaches a certain temperature, its oils turn to vapour. Then, you can inhale this non-smoke substance. “Because the cannabis never really catches on fire, you don’t get those ashy irritants,” says Dr. Earleywine. “There really isn’t a smoke, so much as a mist.”


Remember nicotine patches? Cannabis patches: same idea. They don’t hit your system quite as quickly as inhaling weed (takes about five to 10 minutes), but the effects will last quite a bit longer up to 12 hours. Transdermal patches are relatively easy to dose, and convenient if you need to go to work or school.

Because the cannabis is absorbed through your skin, you don’t have the negative effects of smoking—but you also don’t get the fun (and yummy) aspect of trying different edible treats.

Tinctures and Drops

Tinctures and oils are becoming more and more popular as yet another smoke-free alternative to consuming cannabis.

The difference between tinctures and oils? Tinctures are suspended in alcohol, which means you won’t get that weird unpleasant taste that you can get sometimes when you’re dropping the oil under your tongue. Meaning if you’re in serious pain and you need relief fast, this will do the trick. It takes only a few minutes for your body to absorb the THC into the bloodstream because you don’t have to digest it—it just enters through the membranes in your mouth. Again, no lung damage, no secondhand smoke.


Are edibles healthier than smoking?

If you’re a non-smoker who’d like to take some health precautions (or if you’re a smoker who’d like to stop), edibles are a good alternative to smoking. Like tobacco, marijuana can be smoked, but it’s not exactly safe to do it. There are still carcinogens that cause most of the same harmful effects to your lungs, meaning there isn’t a 100% foolproof way to smoke cannabis safely.

With edibles, on the other hand, you can consume cannabis without any harm to your lungs or your body’s airway passages. The one thing you really have to look out for is the correct dosage—edibles are often labelled inaccurately (or not labelled at all), which makes it difficult for you to know how much weed is in them… which makes it difficult to gauge how much you should consume and the potential effects. If you’re health-conscious, then you’ll also have to take into account the type of edibles you’re having. Is it candy? Chocolate? Brownies? Gummies? Those types of food all have different levels of sugar, carbs, and fat. How are you measuring the “health” of your diet?

Regardless, weed’s rates of addiction are much lower than alcohol and smoking cigarettes (from what we know so far anyway), which may make it “safe” enough for some people. Ultimately, it really just depends on your definition of “safe.”

Top Sites to Read Trusted Reviews (They’re Not Hard to Find)

A key step when you’re searching online for healthy ways of getting high is to look at reviews.

The beauty of the internet is that, for many experiences, there are other people out there who have already tried it—and written about it. Same goes for cannabis.

From trusted review sites like Leafly to forums on cannabis-related subreddits (hint: there are many) to customer testimonials, there is a multitude of ways to find out what other people have said about certain edibles and brands of cannabis.